Friday, October 23, 2009

Omro HS (WI) Foxes


Location: Omro, WI

 Mascot: Foxes (Fighting Foxes)

 Colors: Maroon and Gold

 (Home Jerseys - 2009)

 Picture Courtesy of Ripon Tiger Football (.com) and taken by Dennis Cotton.

Ripon HS (WI) Tigers

Location: Ripon, WI

 Mascot: Tigers

 Colors: Orange and Black

 (Home Jerseys: top; Away Jerseys: bottom)

 Photo courtesy of Ripon Tiger Football (.com) and taken by Dennis Cotton.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Camas County (ID) Mushers

Location: Fairfield, ID

 Mascot: Mushers

 Colors: Navy Blue, Gold

 (Home Jerseys)

 Photo Courtesy of Camas County Schools (.org)


Monday, October 19, 2009

Pine River (MI) Bucks

Location: LeRoy, MI

Mascot: Bucks

Colors: Green, White

(Home Jerseys)

 Photo Courtesy of Pine River Football and taken by Richelle Crouch. 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lawrence Academy Helmet remix

I've been trying to find pictures, information, etc about Lawrence Academy's uniforms for the 2009 season and I can only find an older picture from last season when they were playing Halifax Academy (on the Roanoke-Chowan News Herald site). I do like the green helmets they are wearing now (I remember the days when we wore the lemonhead helmets, ah, those were the days). 

So, I decided to design a helmet with a twist: a 300 the movie twist (if my old teacher is correct then we are technically "Athena's Warriors," then this kinda goes in line with the whole "Greek" theme. Yes, 300 is about Spartans - so bear with me!)

Here it is folks!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Southside High School (NC) Seahawks

Location: Chocowinity, NC 

 Mascot: Seahawks

 Colors: Navy Blue, Teal, Gold

 (2009 Season - Away)

 Photo courtesy of Cory Furlough and can be found at MaxPreps.

Cape Hatteras High School (NC) Hurricanes

 Location: Buxton, NC

 Mascot: Hurricanes

 Colors : Black, Red

 (2009 Season - Away)

 Photo courtesy of Cory Furlough.

Creswell High School (NC) Tigers

Location: Creswell, NC

 Mascot: Tigers

 Colors: Navy Blue and Burnt Orange

 (2009 Season - Home Uniforms)

 Picture courtesy of Cory Furlough.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not completely on topic...

 Well, after spending a ton of time searching MG Helmets and going through page after page of high school, professional and custom helmets... I decided to create one of my own. I probably could have made the symbol smaller and rotated it up more, but this is my final product.

 I took the symbol for Norfolk Southern railroad and turned it into a football helmet. I love the Black and White symbol for NS, especially with the thoroughbred added in. hopefully you all enjoy it! 

If you want more custom helmets (not of my design, but of a higher quality), head on over to MG Helmets.

(Update: 4 October 2009)

I've been a little busy (I get distracted easily) making custom helmets. I've done quite a few more train helmets which I've uploaded (can be seen below...), plus a few I created because I could! 

I hope you enjoy. 

Here are the train companies in order: Union Pacific, the Soo Line (first is a classic logo, the second is one of their more recent ones before the company was bought out by Canadian Pacific), Canadian Pacific, Canadian National, Burlington Northern (now part of BNSF). 

The one below that is a "Knights" helmet... the logo was something I was doodling today and it evolved into what you see here. I'm finishing up this post with a camouflage helmet of my own. The last one is for a friend who's fantasy football team is called the Chiropractors (Chiros for short). My avatar picture and finally a tinkering with flames.