Saturday, June 26, 2010

Per Request

It's the CHAMPIONSHIP of the east coast!

Norfolk Southern v. CSX in a battle for the ages

Friday, June 4, 2010

CSX and Montana Raillink helmets

Right now, with some off time - I'm trying out Paint.NET.

I've got a plug in which will stretch images, and in this helmet the S didn't come out great. I recreated the front of the loco above the mask - and it turned out similar to Michigan's colors (which are similar to CSX).

This was a request and I hope it came out okay...

I also made a reverse of the helmet... I'm still learning this whole deal... I even added a light for the front of the helmet!

Update: I decided to make a Montana Raillink helmet. They're our neighbors to the north here in Idaho, so I thought I'd make it worth my while! BWAH!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Norfolk Southern Jerseys

On the UFLAccess forum, user Tank played off of my Norfolk Southern Helmet idea by saying that using a Corporate Sponsorship would be perfect for the Norfolk team.

So, the past few days I decided to expand on that part of the idea and see where it would take us. I used the adidas team uniform builder to make the basic shell. Then I found a picture of a Norfolk Southern locomotive and used the "catfish" design from the front of the cab and incorporated it into the front of the jersey. I also took the Norfolk Southern nameplate and used it for a stripe on the sides of the jersey and used the thoroughbred head symbol on the pant.

Update/request: If someone from Norfolk Southern decides to use the design, I'd like at least 2 of each (maybe more) with the number 99 on it. Just sayin'! I doubt that will happen, but just sayin'!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

UFL fun uniforms

I'm back, after quite a few months.

Here are some fun attempts using the Union Pacific colors to create an alternative uniform for the Las Vegas Locos.