Thursday, May 20, 2010

Norfolk Southern Jerseys

On the UFLAccess forum, user Tank played off of my Norfolk Southern Helmet idea by saying that using a Corporate Sponsorship would be perfect for the Norfolk team.

So, the past few days I decided to expand on that part of the idea and see where it would take us. I used the adidas team uniform builder to make the basic shell. Then I found a picture of a Norfolk Southern locomotive and used the "catfish" design from the front of the cab and incorporated it into the front of the jersey. I also took the Norfolk Southern nameplate and used it for a stripe on the sides of the jersey and used the thoroughbred head symbol on the pant.

Update/request: If someone from Norfolk Southern decides to use the design, I'd like at least 2 of each (maybe more) with the number 99 on it. Just sayin'! I doubt that will happen, but just sayin'!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

UFL fun uniforms

I'm back, after quite a few months.

Here are some fun attempts using the Union Pacific colors to create an alternative uniform for the Las Vegas Locos.